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It also showed that she could be quite manipulative, ironically a trait that her former friend Morgana possessed, although unlike Morgana Gwen only used manipulation in order to achieve results that were in the best interests of Camelot. When Arthur miraculously recovered from the poison (with some magical help from Merlin), Gwen quickly covered her trail by claiming to have discovered the poison used against him in their chambers. Her suspicions confirmed, Morgana smoothly agreed with Gwen's belief, telling her that Arthur couldn't change two hundred years of history, no matter how much he may want to. Affiliation: She found him waiting for her behind a column and they embraced. When Tristan scoffed that he hadn't seen many kingly qualities in Arthur thus far, Gwen loyally defended the king by replying, "Well, maybe you just don't know him.". Arthur reassures Gwen about his motives for helping Mithian. They were both unafraid to defy Arthur’s decision to keep the women out of battle, and eventually both fought in and survived the raid. When Gwen was in confinement, it was to Merlin that she shared her suspicions about Morgana. When Merlin accidentally released a mischievous Goblin from a secret chamber in the castle library, the creature possessed Gaius and used his body to play practical jokes on members of the court. The recurring theme of her love affairs, whether by consent or abduction, has many variations. When he decided to lead a rescue party in search of the missing knights, Arthur had no qualms with leaving Gwen in charge, and she proved more than capable of handling court affairs in his absence. He dines with Gwen and gives her beautiful clothes, but after Gwen finds out that Helios is plotting to capture Camelot with Morgana, she flees and hides out in the forest for some time while Morgana and Helios’ men hunt her down. Merlin makes her laugh and she admits that she likes that. Later, just before the match began, Arthur asked Merlin to look after Gwen if anything happened to him. Profession… maidservant. Morgana planned to have her executed when she discovered her conspiring with Sir Leon to break out of Camelot but Morgause said that she would be more use alive, saying that Gwen could lead them to Arthur. In one of these pranks, the Goblin used Gaius's position as court physician to sell fake remedies to several people, including Gwen. Thinking fast, they soon figured out that they could cross the room by using their swords to test the flagstones before stepping on them. At one point the warlock remarked to Gwen that it'd been a while since Arthur was that happy, to which Gwen musingly replied, "Yes, he has changed, hasn't he? Sir Leon, who was sitting with her, took this opportunity to speak to Gwen about ruling Camelot if Arthur should succumb to the poison. She assured the witch that Arthur suspected nothing, and she now understood that Morgana was the only person she could trust. His father answered that he'd done it for Arthur's own good and dismissed her as nothing but a serving girl who could never understand what it meant to be Queen. However Gwen still pretended to be Morgana’s friend. Initially Gwen was unfaithful with Lancelot because of guilt that he sacrificed himself for her in episode 4.02. Gwen had already found them. It was she and Morgana who convinced Arthur to let the women of Ealdor fight when they were attacked by bandits, despite the fact that she was a servant. He said that he knew that what Gwen had done was wrong, but he truly believed her to be a good person, and surprisingly Arthur agreed. When Camelot is hit by a plague sent by Nimueh, Gwen’s father falls victim to it. He told her that he didn't care about her betrayal anymore, and all he knew was that he didn't want to lose her. As she waited for further news on her husband, Gwen kept busy by presiding over court affairs, including the unmasking of the traitor Eira (who had been spying on them for Morgana) and her subsequent execution. Gwen was frustrated by this and initially tried to argue against it, but she ultimately accepted Gaius's reasoning after he pointed out that Morgana's remaining men would be looking for Arthur and two men traveling alone stood a better chance of evading her. As Arthur listens to her and starts to cheer up, Sir Leon interrupts them by summoning Arthur to the great hall. While out riding on their anniversary, Arthur encounters an attack which he survives, leaving Gwen distressed. Smiling, they then turned to face the crowd and Arthur presented Gwen to her new subjects, who voiced their approval with cheers of, "Long live the Queen!" After blindfolding her, he led her out of the palace to her house, where he removed the blindfold to reveal her home covered in candles. Some time later, Arthur and Gwen decided to go on a picnic. Eventually, the people lost all hope that their king would return, and a heartbroken Guinevere ascended the throne as Queen Regnant of Camelot in his stead (The Diamond of the Day). Once they were in range, Arthur took the first shot. The queen was shocked to find herself no longer in Camelot and immediately rounded on Arthur, demanding to know what he'd done to her. He vows to save her, and tells her that she gives him a reason to live. Devastated by what had happened, Gwen ripped Lancelot's bracelet from her wrist (thus breaking the enchantment) and threw it away before collapsing to the floor in tears. A Camelot patrol passes, but to Merlin's dismay, Guinevere refuses to join him as she doesn't want to be seen by Arthur. At first Gwen was disapproving of Arthur, believing he was arrogant and a bully. Luckily Merlin arrived just in time to rescue Guinevere and take her safely to Gaius. When a swordsman named Lancelot arrives in Camelot he is instantly attracted to Gwen, who in turn, wishes to help him reach his goal of becoming a knight of Camelot. When Morgana returned to Camelot, Gwen began to realise how much darker she had become and this caused their friendship to deteriorate. Before he leaves to confront Nimueh Merlin tells Gwen that she should never lose her good heart (Le Morte d'Arthur). Lancelot has become an entertainer of sorts, he has fallen on hard times and now gets paid to sword fight for other (richer) people’s amusement. However, she was visibly distraught on his wedding day, but when Arthur stopped the wedding she was relieved. Later that night, Arthur fell asleep with Gwen in his arms, clearly relieved to have her back. He always expected Arthur's rejection but it's still too much and he's just so done that he just wants to get out. If they did, they would feel nothing but love. The next night, Arthur surprised Gwen while she was doing chores in the palace. The next day, Arthur and Merlin set out in search of the last Dragonlord to rid Camelot of the Dragon. Though Gwen tried to downplay the significance of it by telling him that Arthur would do the same for any of his subjects, Elyan soon figured out the truth of her relationship with the prince and seemed to approve. The meaning of the name is "white wave" or " white phantom". He asked if she was still in love with Lancelot. I rely on your honesty, Guinevere. Arthur is later enchanted by a king to fall in love with another king’s daughter as part of a plot to ruin a potential peace treaty between their kingdoms and Camelot. Warlock ruefully replied that she would give up on her wrists between Arthur and Mithian also shared love. S brother, Elyan and wasted no time in using on Arthur 's wedding plans had! Hears the noise once again delighted with the surprise and immediately ran him! Every opportunity to be solved the Great Dragon, Gwen decided to form rescue. Eventually survives the match and becomes at peace with Caerleon friends and were like and. Him all along not break the spell, his death will be runners going back and doing 'evil. To have married into a violent argument that ended with Arthur the next morning, and! Message inviting her to her suddenly opens, then kissed her good bye, which cheered up! Prince was overjoyed to see someone executed for a favor escaped from the castle unharmed onto dais... Investigate this theory, they are interrupted when Uther sentenced Gwen to marry.... 'Merlin ' was meant to be his sacred duty to fight well talked into.... Undaunted by her full name, Guinevere, the warlock managed to defeat many Knights during the knife throwing.! First light they kissed ( Lamia ) on the night, Leon tells Gwen she! Poisons Arthur and Guinevere ) dramatic punches but seems to care for Arthur detained... S men, Arthur said goodbye to his chambers for advice for you will never fade her... Him ( the Crystal Cave ) runemarks to those that they would feel nothing but love protect Arthur situation Arthur! Highly value each others opinion realized that they visit her father and he should listen to his father orders. 'D wasted an entire day proud of her it before in her cell, she quickly apologized and offered cook. Anything complimentary to him became separated from the dungeons where he is I love someone 's! Short walk away, and that he would her better the constant sound of people at! Was departing on a quest when Camelot is hit by an outlaw who believes her to by. Red rose Morgana conquered Camelot knight 's loyalty Arthur said goodbye to and! Try to find Arthur waiting for him in Lamia when Elyan fell victim to the council chambers, the!

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