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If set to Yes, Oracle Application Express will add the text "Built with ♥ using Oracle APEX… Logo - Enter the complete image name, including the file name extension (for example, /i/oracle.gif) or a fully qualified URL if you a referencing the image. if you are facing the same issue in your oracle apex … But when I change the theme to traditional blue, the logo … I was tasked with creating a dynamic logo for our APEX site. Built with APEX is a community driven site geared towards showcasing what others (individuals and businesses alike) have built using Oracle Application Express.. When logo type Image is chosen, APEX uses img tag to display image.You can use logo attributes (field below logo) to set image attributes like width, height etc. I am using oracle apex 4.0 and the theme I am using for my application is Builder Blue. And now get the logo … In a comment on my post APEX 5.0: pimping the Login page I got a question how to put your own logo or a custom image on the login page, instead of an icon. Re: Logo on login page APEX 5 matze276 Sep 29, 2016 12:35 PM ( in response to rahul.r.singh ) Please make an example on so we can have a look at what is going … as the logo … Basically, I am using the oracle apex 5.1 version for this implementation. There is no href attribute for img tag unlike anchor tag.So I wrote html tags bundling anchor and image tags, to put them under logo … I have noticed that the logo is not appearing on my login page. So instead we wanted to have "Hi Employee!" Oracle Apex 4.0 Application Edit Logo Display 914584 Feb 2, 2012 6:44 AM Hello to all I am using oracle apex 4.0 and i import the application which was developed in Apex 3.0 . Gerald Venzl, a highly respected Oracle Database product manager, was recently participating in a hackathon with a team of people, and they were using Oracle APEX as part of their … In this Oracle APEX Tutorial, I am using jquery and CSS method for display logo and text together in the oracle apex application.So if you have known to jquery then this post more interesting to you. The application was branded in different ways and it didn't look quite right having a "LOGO" written there, and adding another image was a bit overkill. If you have developed (or know of) an APEX application, let us know and we'll be happy to add it to the list. Hi Mux, I think the "APEX Powered" logo should be provided by Oracle as well as is the free XE database and APEX RAD. I am using the default Oracle APEX login page. It is all about marketing & publicity, and I would like to publish the APEX Powered logo on all sites using it - of course if the logo …

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