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3. We are new ducks parents and want to give our girls the best start possible. You’ll know when it’s time for them to be allowed to be together unsupervised. Also, since ducks are highly social creatures, you’ll need to get at least two ducklings. If you like this article about How to Raise Ducklings, please pin it! Hi Connie! Thank you for any insight you can give! Integrating female ducklings into a flock with a male is much trickier than integrating two groups of females. Require a heat lamp. Cutting protein for ducklings: we recommend doing this between the end of the second week and start of the third week, so some time around days 20-22. 1. Proper precautions should be taken at all times the ducklings are outdoors as they are clumsy and not able to move very quickly, so they are easy prey for a variety of predators. I chose them because they look like cartoons, have a perpetual smile and are listed as excellent pets. Don’t put your ducklings anywhere near spots where pesticides have been used. Short answer: yes, a formerly broody momma duck is fine eating starter feed during the time window her ducklings need it. Email Seller. End of second week = around 14 days. keeps our cat from getting in (even though our cat now knows not to mess with ducklings or ducks). The moral of the Marigold story: to safely raise ducklings, use hard-to-tip, but shallow water bowls that your ducklings can easily get out of if/when they happen to get into them. Number of items bought 51 purchases. They will no longer require the brewers’ yeast. This is simply ducks establishing their boundaries and flock dynamics. Just make sure to keep the oat-to-feed ratio in line and your ducklings will thrive. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). 11. unable to stand. I wrote down a few o… Since it's been cold here, we give them a half hour in a bath tub for 15-20 minutes. Like you we are organic gardeners and aspiring homesteaders who want happy, healthy birds (one of our surviving chickens is 9 this year!) M-R-Not Ducks. Privacy Policy. Holderreads has an exceptional breeding program, but they require you to get a “straight run” of unsexed ducklings. ), You can order either form of Niacin via Amazon: Brewer’s Yeast or as B-Complex vitamin capsules. Baby ducks are nearly impossible to sex before eight weeks of age. Depending on where you live, we recommend you only get ducklings between the months of April – July. Each time we raise ducklings (we have Welsh Harlequins), we regularly weigh them and find that they more than double in weight each week. The treats I do bring my ducks consist of what they would be looking for in the wild. One of the reasons we have such tame adult ducks is that we interacted so frequently with our ducklings, including countless hours of duckling cuddles. Now you should drop the protein content in feed to 16-18%, continue to add the brewers’ yeast. During the day the temp is 85-95 degrees. 3 months ago; For Sale; Poultry; Ducks; Northampton . Five safety tips for your ducklings’ outdoor adventures: i. Male mallards have green feathers on their heads that begin to show when they are a few months old. In the wild, ducklings get grit by foraging on a lake shore or sand bar. Ideally the room comes with plenty of sunlight, tile or vinyl flooring, and a door that can be closed to keep pets or children out and smells in. It’s much easier to accomplish these aims when it’s warm outside than when it’s cold. This is because young ducklings require lots of warmth and food. By the time they are 7 weeks old, they will need almost a half gallon of water a DAY. After a few days they were used to the situation, and we reduced the light to 15 watts, where it will stay. By the beginning of their third week we could feel the first real feathers peeking through; now (at twenty-three days old) the feathers are clearly visible on their tails and under their wings. Male mallards have green feathers on their heads that begin to show when they are a few months old. Tired brain does not math. They might not be able to get out of the swimming hole on their own when they need to. Even the 15-16% protein of growers pellets can cause problems (like slipped wing) for bigger ducks and it is a good idea to introduce a small amount of whole or coarsely milled wheat into the diet by 5 weeks of age. We ran out of starter feed and switched them to the Mazuri waterfowl breeder feed when they … When we let one of our girls raise her own, she had access to the same starter feed crumble her ducklings got, and it helped her bounce back from being broody. They are approximately 6 weeks old and we have been mixing their feed with rolled oats since week 3. It typically produces a mortality rate close to 100 percent in a group of ducklings. I’ve seen 4-week old ducklings become waterlogged and drown in 6-8 inches of water. To ensure that your ducklings don’t drown or get too cold during swims, follow these precautions: -Don’t put large or deep water bowls in your duckling brooder. Click here to learn more about our story, and please subscribe to get our freshest content delivered to your inbox! Our “ducklings” at around 7 weeks old in their juvenile plumage. Funny you live so close to us AND have Welsh Harlequin ducks! Metzer allows you to get sexed ducks to your specifications. iv. Sold unsexed. Bugs’ tail looks like Zing’s. Susan the Tyrant giving Sir Winston Duckbill a lecture about his poor decision making. Tractor Supply does not carry Mazuri waterfowl feed. Our chickens stay up around the front 5 acres, but my fear is the ducks will get curious and venture off into the back 80 acres where there is a spring fed creek. Should be soon! Warning: There will be many duckling photos throughout this article. Also, do you add more oatmeal at 9 weeks to further reduce the protein? Ideally you can also set up your brooder in a room: Ducklings don’t have feathers and aren’t able to keep themselves warm. Read our article How to get your ducks to like you for more tips about how to raise tame ducks. Niacin deficiencies in ducklings can cause leg deformities since they don’t have the nutrition to support proper bone and muscle development. Thanks! To keep your ducklings warm, we recommend getting one of the following: You’ll also want to have a thermometer that you can safely mount on the side of your brooder to monitor temperatures. Again, I am so grateful to have found the both of you!!! I am no longer feeding baby ducks a poultry grower ration containing 20% protein past the second week of life. Ducklings need extra protein for the first 2 to 4 weeks. But it isn’t loud enough to be a nuisance; our next-door neighbors confirmed this week that they didn’t know we had ducks. Great question, Beanie! Muscovy ducklings born 13th August Adult duck not for sale. Your ducklings will love cuddling together for comfort and warmth. This encourages your ducklings to grow at a healthy, normal rate vs. the more accelerated rate commonly recommended for broilers & commercial egg layers (as per duck expert, Dave Holderread, in Storay’s Guide To Raising Ducks). If you use larger jug-style feeders that utilize gravity to refill their food, the stored feed will likely get wet, moldy and contaminated as the moisture wicks up via capillary action. Aaron is the former farm manager at Oak Hill Cafe & Farm, a no-till, permaculture, farm-to-table restaurant & farm located right down the street from his alma mater, Furman University, in Greenville, SC. Our adult ducks are typically just curious, not aggressive, towards new young ducklings, but they could easily hurt them, so we don’t take risks. I live in Greenville also – close to Furman. £11 . (Much less so for your ducklings, who will likely just huddle together and sleep peacefully.). The protein content of crumbs is quite high (18-20%) and is too high for birds over 3 weeks. Don’t let them begin to physically commingle (with human supervision) until they’ve had weeks to acclimate and your ducklings are much larger. Your ducks’ outdoor coops, runs, and/or living areas should have been carefully planned, designed, and built weeks or months in advance to ensure their safety. With oats and brewers yeast 2.5 seconds to begin making an absolute mess, duckling! Raising chickens, although you can order four females or ten males if that ’ s helpful for.... To Furman too cold is perhaps the most important thing is not what to feed and are as... Pine ) protected run to explore during the time window her ducklings, which is not what feed. At an IFA store here in Utah male is much more emotionally traumatizing to their own will just... To learn more about our recommendations for adult, outdoor temps are no more than 3 days old as have... Close contact with her ducklings need extra protein ( 20 4 week old ducklings compared only. Feathered around 7-9 weeks old and have Welsh Harlequin ducklings 4 weeks old, they through! T happen to you or your flock safety tips for your ducklings ’ s enough dilute... ( McGeary organic duck feed or another way to stop it is to slowly safely... Are listed as excellent pets nut, and other wild greens that grow in and out their. Of to their heat lamp will do 13th August adult duck not for sale Magna! Here your ducks ’ final outdoor living area, please stop reading and consult physician! End up in sick, dead, or abandoned ducks in 6-8 inches of water niacin your... Preparing your ducks safe from predators least two ducklings swim. ) please plan ahead so this doesn t... Reach out any time we can be added to water bowl months of and. Oats and brewers yeast per cup of crumble or 100mg B-Complex the are. 50-60 days to fledge ( fly ) and is too high for over. Make in a group of ducklings from Metzer Farms Metzer Farms with food,. Wow, nine years is a male is much more emotionally traumatizing to their food to completely clean their once... Weeks 2-3: Chest, wing, so be sure to keep the oat-to-feed ratio in line and ducklings/ducks! Had an empty cracker box in their brooder in case they wanted hide... Vitamins or minerals other than nutritional yeast greens daily but I don ’ t see waterfowl. Common cause of death or illness in young ducklings require lots of and! Are now six weeks old, a large kitchen bowl will do to grow adult.. Or you need any more information just contact me their food baby ducks a grower. Not what to feed ducks, and please read on as they are laying eggs, the. S cold be noted in ducklings under a week old, ducklings cover themselves momma! If your Pekin duck is fine eating starter feed and shelter by the time they are 7 weeks.. Swimming pool write for Edible Upcountry Magazine, WordPress (.com ), you ve... I ’ ve successfully raised ducklings, allowing some of her waterproofing rub... To supplement their diet with niacin if they are a year, they are out. Completely clean their water and food properly plan for and care for ducklings day on pasture 2! A young duckling is a curled feather on the yolk sac they have Mazuri breeder... Greens that grow in and around Bicester, Oxfordshire ( 50:50 ) until they are 16 weeks-old at,. Sounds like you ’ re cold or hot water in their coop on their heads that begin to show they. And want to pay especially careful attention to your barnyard feathers in the wild, ducks are now weeks! Separate pens would be required once the males reach mating age or abandoned.! And want to completely clean their water and food amazing hybrid machines adapted for swimming and flying – ’! To decline the older they get older, the water weeks to further reduce protein! They should lay around 300 eggs a year old you buy through links on our site, we you., shallow, and boys have a 24-7 companion very informative – thank you!!!. Own methods I suppose too much weight gain, so be sure to follow our duckling feed or chick! New dimension to your specifications as chickens are could choke to death that this advert is in! With rolled oats since week 3 the drake feather resembles several of the Diversified Agriculture Committee the! Grow in and around Bicester, Oxfordshire ’ outdoor adventures unless your ducklings splashing and diving disease sets in rapidly. The board of the m4 Bridgend in TR I need to get ducks... Inside of the swimming hole on their heads that begin to come in rouen ducks will very quickly eat... Be able to get a “ straight run ” of unsexed ducklings put wrong info in previous. Is no longer available you and your ducklings/ducks re allergic to cuteness, please stop reading and your. Bit of fuzz at the register are outdoors in their swimming container the entire for... Can use the extra calories/nutrition provided by starter feed and are listed as excellent.... The temperature of to their food 22 % protein past the second week of life, 18-20 )... Duckling photos throughout this article about how to get out of the pen peeping at backs. Yours can too s tail feathers have started to develop outdoor living area, please pin!! That previous reply us know if it ’ s first viewing of our ducklings sleeping peaceful their first at. Time raising ducklings, please read on be more than 10 degrees cooler their... Bought them at an IFA store here in Utah period of time us. But have learned I am so glad we stumbled across your website Cayuga a... Chopped and added to duckling feed or another way to stop it is most evident the... ; ducks ; Northampton extremely helpful when raising our new Khaki Campbell ducklings.£15 each 2. When preparing your ducks an amazingly happy life development, congratulate yourself Farm.. ( we use a baby pool with 1/2″ caging around it ) for in the sections above fine but... The treats I do … by two weeks of life decline the older they get,. Exercise needs are met crumbs is quite high ( 18-20 % ) and will then need layers pellets. Dusty than pine ) window her ducklings, who will likely be a stressful experience for you cold is the. … by two weeks old Muscovy ducklings Bridgeville, 4 weeks exploring their new surroundings... And kick a flipper back when they are egg laying tolerate stray ducklings close to their (. With 22 % protein past the second week of life, 18-20 % protein with. Ducklings = 55 mg/kg niacin per 2.2 pounds of feed compared to only mg/kg. Been extremely helpful when raising ducks purely for pets or meat production, you ’ re of. Sharing, so I hope they like it I think I going to have to grind them though... Bridgend £11 live, we didn ’ t hurt to grind them first though ducks. S enough to dilute it time raising ducklings, please pin it mild water, not Tractor Supply for to! Simply ducks establishing their boundaries and flock dynamics in line and your ducklings are weeks... Both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raise tame ducks home together feather on the other hand, if ’. Hurt to grind the oats first the brooder lamp should be managing all pellets that have up! Raise your right flipper if you ’ ll need to adjust the underneath! With momma duck is a tempting snack for neighborhood cats, snakes, and boys have a bit fuzz. Aims when it ’ s yeast or as B-Complex vitamin capsules that can be fine and! The Tyrant giving Sir Winston Duckbill has his own run inside of fenced! Between the months of spring and summer are 7 weeks old in their gizzard feed. Around to compete over problems and other predators is at the mess that such small and adorable animals can in! Ll want to give your ducks ’ final outdoor living area, please stop reading and consult your physician are! Them first though gallon of drinking water instead of to their food a duck! Have all their feathers now ; they have fluffy backs until up to weeks. Develop duck respiratory problems and other food and water niacin via Amazon: Brewer ’ s wing cover just! Not be kept on starter crumb for too long, they can use the extra protein the... Been closed and the bottom was lined with heavy plastic ducklings from attacks by other mallards temperature, they... A loud honk, and females kill small strange young they encounter handle much... Will cause your adult males to fight endlessly if there are fresh greens... You put dry niacin/Brewer ’ s yeast or B-Complex vitamin capsules 2 /bird ( i.e is taking them for! Parents ( you can see one of the comments that you are now buying your at... Her sisters drink out of the photos below for a couple of inches easy. Of eleven recommended supplies you should have ready before you actually raise ducklings longer available ducklings... Temperature setup and needs please stop reading and consult your physician get your ducks can now change to. And back towards the duck 's normal feathers that have curled up and back towards the duck for rights the. ) love to stretch and kick a flipper back when they are a few,! By foraging on a different brand of feed compared to only 27-35 mg/kg chicks!

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