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This index often takes into account barometric pressure and salinity effects at the measurement site, but usually ignores effects of water pressure at depths below a lake or stream surface. Use Henry’s law to determine the solubility of oxygen when its partial pressure is 20.7 kPa (155 torr), the approximate pressure of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere. Enter the elevation (feet above sea level). Oxygen solubility in seawater: Better fitting equations Abstract-We examined uncertainties associ- ated with the routine computation of 0, solu- bility (C,,*) at 1 atm total pressure in pure water and seawater in equilibrium with air as a function of temperature and salinity. Press Update to calculate dissolved oxygen saturation (mg/l). Oxygen solubility in pure or fresh water at 25 °C and 1.0 atm of O 2 pressure is about 1.22 × 10 −3 mol dm −3 (the values are varied from 1.18 to 1.25 mol dm −3 as reported in different literature). 1.3.1. Oxygen solubility in pure or fresh water at 25 °C and 1.0 atm of O 2 pressure is about 1.22 × 10 −3 mol dm −3 (the values are varied from 1.18 to 1.25 mol dm −3 as reported in different literature).3., 4. The results presented in Table 1 show that the oxygen solubility in the culture medium before inoculation of microorganism was 6.772 mgO 2 L −1, 11.8% lower when compared to the oxygen solubility in distilled water (7.677 mgO 2 L −1).Saturation percentageversus dissolved oxygen data was highly linear as shown in Figures 2 and 3 ( 2 > 0. Look in the Dissolved Oxygen category on the Download page. We propose for- Oxygen Solubility Table Solubility of Oxygen (mg/L) in Water Exposed to Water-Saturated Air at 760 mm Hg Pressure Temp 0C Chlorinity: 0 Salinity: 0 5.0 ppt 9.0 ppt 10.0 ppt 18.1 ppt 15.0 ppt 27.1 ppt 20.0 ppt 36.1 ppt 25.0 ppt 45.2 ppt For additional information please see the AES Master Catalog or call our Tech Support Line at 407-598-1401. In ethyl alcohol, oxygen is several times more soluble than in water. Assume the k … At 20 °C, the concentration of dissolved oxygen in water exposed to gaseous oxygen at a partial pressure of 101.3 kPa (760 torr) is 1.38 × 10-3 mol L-1. Calculate the solubility of oxygen in water at the top of Mt. The solubility of oxygen in aqueous solutions of ethyl alcohol at 20° C. is as follows: Enter the salinity (ppt). Solubility in Pure Water. Using Henry's Law to calculate the solubility of oxygen in water if it's solubility is 0.16 g/Lt 104 kPa and the pressure is changed to 200 kPa. Its solubility at any temperature may be calculated from the following equation: β = 0.2337 – 0.00074688t + 0.000003288t 2. This Excel spreadsheet is intended to calculate the dissolved oxygen solubility at a specified water temperature and atmospheric pressure for water temperature of 35 to 80 degrees F and atmospheric pressure of 600 to 760 mm Hg. The mole fraction of O 2 in air is 0.209. where p O2 is the partial pressure of oxygen in Torr, x O2 is the mole fraction of oxygen in oxygen-saturated water, and K O2 is the Henry's law constant for oxygen in water (about 3.30 × 10 7 K/Torr for at 298 K ). Abstract A thermodynamic model is presented to calculate the oxygen solubility in pure water (273–600 K, 0–200 bar) and natural brines containing Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, Cl−, SO42−, over a wide range of temperature, pressure and ionic strength with or close to experimental accuracy. Oxygen percent saturation compares an observed oxygen concentration to the absolute solubility of oxygen at a particular water temperature. Enter water temperature (°F). Everest where the atmospheric pressure is 0.370 atm.

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