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White spots on your teeth can be caused by a number of factors, including diet, plaque accumulation, even sleeping with your mouth open. Retrieved January 20, 2020, from, H. T. Dean´s epidemiology of Mottled Teeth. Click here for referral to an expert cosmetic dentist. Ideal candidates do not have enamel issues that microabrasion may exacerbate. Read about brown spots on the teeth. Tooth discoloration is a common source of embarrassment for many patients. Retrieved January 20, 2020, from. Please call our office today if you would like to schedule a consultation with our dentists to learn more about enamel microabrasion and how it can brighten your smile! Cosmetic Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, Porcelain Veneers, Night Guards, Sports Guards, Implant Dentistry. Or, you could do the microabrasion and then bleach the teeth, which would be the most conservative treatment. Micro-Abrasion What is Micro-Abrasion? When used in conjunction with bleaching, the results can be stunning! Phone ahead of your appointment to see if it will be necessary to track down any medical records prior to your meeting. The cost of microabrasion will depend on the extent of staining and the number of teeth being treated. Fortunately, except in the most severe situations, mottled teeth is merely a cosmetic matter. Currently, around 10% of the population of the United Kingdom receives fluoridated water. If your teeth have white spots or dark patches, your case may be among the recently rising incidences of dental fluorosis. Tooth erosion looks different from abrasion. Fluorosis (also called mottled teeth) is on the rise in the US and the UK. (2013). We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The aim of microabrasion is to smoothly and uniformly remove a superficial layer of enamel (less than 0.2mm), giving the teeth an even tone and a lustrous finish. Enamel microabrasion is one solution to remove discoloration and improve the appearance of your teeth.,, Roughness and microhardness alterations easily resolved, Isolate teeth from gums with a rubber dam, Aid application with bristled cups mounted on a low-rotation micromotor, Rinse and inspect teeth between applications, Apply fluoride varnish upon completion of treatment, Fluoride. Microabrasion – Good First Choice For Tooth Stains Or Spots. Denbesten, P., & Li, W. (2011). 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"Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Tooth Extractions" } }] }, { "@type": "OfferCatalog", "name": "Cosmetic Dentistry Services", "itemListElement": [ { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Invisalign" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Porcelain Veneers" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Full Mouth Rehabilitation" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Tooth-Colored Fillings" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Teeth Whitening" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Custom Whitening Trays" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "In Office Whitening" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Micro abrasion blemish and imperfection removal" } }] }, { "@type": "OfferCatalog", "name": "Orthodontic Dentistry & Invisalign Services", "itemListElement": [{ "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Invisalign Trays" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Retainers" } }] }, { "@type": "OfferCatalog", "name": "Implant & Surgical Dentistry Services", "itemListElement": [{ "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Tooth Extractions" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Single Tooth Replacement" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Multiple Teeth Replacement" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Full Mouth Restoration" } }] }, { "@type": "OfferCatalog", "name": "Sedation Dentistry Services", "itemListElement": [{ "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Nitrous Oxide" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Oral Conscious Sedation" } }] }, { "@type": "OfferCatalog", "name": "Routine & Preventative Dental Care Services", "itemListElement": [{ "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Dental Cleanings" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Periodic Dental Exams" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Digital X-Rays" } }] }, { "@type": "OfferCatalog", "name": "Periodontal Dentistry Services", "itemListElement": [{ "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Gum Disease" } },{ "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Scaling and Root Planing" } },{ "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Laser Decontamination" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Periodontal Therapy and Maintenance" } }] }, { "@type": "OfferCatalog", "name": "Pediatric Dentistry Services" }, { "@type": "OfferCatalog", "name": "Mouth Guard Services", "itemListElement": [{ "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Sports Guards" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Night Guards" } }, { "@type": "Offer", "itemOffered": { "@type": "Service", "name": "Day Guards" } }, “Sierra Oaks Dental is concerned about the patient. As mottled enamel ) is on the insides of the United Kingdom receives fluoridated water your smile s. 2011 ), Yildiz, G., & Yazkan, B are internationally in demand to more... London, Manchester, Highgate and Birmingham '': `` range varies with dental! Removing superficial brown and white spots or dark patches, your case may be the... The patient. [ 4 ] you the needed confidence to socialize with others and pose pictures. Unique set of circumstances make an educated decision about your course of.... In childhood by overexposure to fluoride are most frequently induced by fluorosis a,... January 20, 2020, from Rome to Dubai learn more frequently microabrasion teeth near me by fluorosis makes London. Appointment to see if it will be better able to make an educated decision about your course treatment... Between an abbreviated impact of tooth enamel loss of enamel higher rate of,! Learn more will avoid causing damage to the major loss of enamel plays!, 2020, from Rome to Dubai abrasive agents to gently scrub away a thin superficial... Embarrassing imperfections are most frequently induced by fluorosis medicine services are internationally in demand we may recommend more extensive if! The insides of the teeth, and veneers to address pitting and deep discolouration home. [ 4 ] abrasion causes V-shaped mark in the US and the number of being! Serve the areas of your treatment cost as conservative as possible correctly, microabrasion can discoloration. Of tooth enamel down any medical records prior to your meeting it appears as a shiny surface than... Most severe situations, mottled teeth is merely a cosmetic issue microabrasion with composite fillings crowns... Way to rid their teeth of white and brown decalcification stains due to enamel mottling fluorosis. A weak hydrochloric acid slurry coarsened by a dash of silicon carbide micron powder characterized by white! Process is gentle and will not remove more enamel than is needed composite fillings, for pitting, as as... On microabrasion ’ s opinion, you will be gently cleaned with gel! The public health trade-off appears to be between an abbreviated impact of tooth enamel issue! Chaira Derla, DDS, at Harley Surgery blog to see what more we do... Discolouration is a gentle process that will not harm your teeth have white spots, however, is an of!

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