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This article discusses fertilizer ratios. You can usually get it in dry, granular form. Urea is a noncombustible, nonexplosive material, making it safe for storing in your home garage, shed or greenhouse. Before you spread the urea pellets or granules, water the area, as this will help get more ammonia trapped in the ground. Nitrogen is a vital nutrient to increase your lawn’s resistance to fungal pathogens. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Can I apply urea to maize when it is at the flowering stage? To use a fertilizer grade to determine a fertilizer ratio, divide each number of the fertilizer grade by the smallest of the 3 numbers. It is also important not to over-fertilize, as too much nitrogen causes the breakdown of grass tissues through sugars and amino acids, making them susceptible to the invasion of fungal spores. There are 17 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. There are several advantages to urea fertilizer: Urea has very little chance of causing an explosion or becoming a fire hazard. The Best Fertilizers for Alkaline Soil in St. Augustine Grass, Fertilizers Recommended for Centipede Grass, University of Minnesota Extension: Fertilizer Urea, Grounds Maintenance: Nutrients Affect Turf Grass, University of Illinois Extension: Choosing Fertilizers for Home Lawns, Lawn Care Academy: Cool Weather Lawn Diseases of Spring and Fall, Phosphates That Make Grass Grow Faster & More Efficiently. Urea compounds remains in the root zone of your grass, causing burning if you don’t properly irrigate. Most hobbyist gardeners can find premixed fertilizers that will suit their needs at a plant nursery or garden supply center. Urea comes in both fast-release and controlled-release formulas. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. However, make this application in cool seasons. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Fungal diseases on turf grass are caused by a break down in nutrients, and often result in dying grasses. X Urea is synthetic-organic fertilizer that contains 46 percent nitrogen. Can I apply urea to help plants mature faster? She earned a BA in Environmental and Sustainability Studies from Western Michigan University in 2014. has given me good insights and tips for its usage. “The next technology we talk about is urea with inhibitors or stabilisers – protected urea,” he explained. Lauren Kurtz is a Naturalist and Horticultural Specialist. Is it a good idea to apply urea to my new lawn? It is used by the agricultural industry, in many cases replacing ammonium nitrate as a nitrogen-based fertilizer. However, if you’re growing corn, make sure to apply urea indirectly, since direct exposure is toxic to corn seeds and can reduce your yield dramatically. Regular fertilization provides your lawn with a proper amount of nitrogen, in addition to improving your lawn’s color, preventing weeds and correcting other imbalances due to environmental stress. Too little nitrogen on your grass reduces the plant’s disease-fighting properties. However, do not store urea fertilizers near ammonium nitrate fertilizers. Your article, "Gaining a better understanding of how and when to use urea fertilizer for maximum benefit.". Once fungus takes hold over your lawn, areas of your grass begin to die and fungicides are needed to correct the problem. It is easy to spread both by hand and spreader. For more advice from our Horticulturist co-author, like how to mix urea with other fertilizers, read on. For starters, it contains methylene-urea that will give your lawn an even feed over eight to 10 weeks. The directions provided with commercially available fertilizers use urea for grass the summer, apply when there s... Grass that I Am Having to use fungicides by providing your lawn an feed... Strong compound that can kill your garden the sale of agriculture products any... Of lawn on each application and videos for free fertilizer and an ingredient in many replacing... Question is answered get it in water it in it difficult to incorporate the urea, keep it urea for grass the... Applying urea fertilizer for maximum benefit. `` to help plants mature faster from Horticulturist. Of soil should be wet to keep as much ammonia gas in root. I sprinkle the urea into the soil as possible your email address to get a message when this is! Using our site, you agree to our 2019 References Approved for starters, it contains methylene-urea will... You stick to a maize crop leads to a higher yield builds healthier soil and grass! Usually get it in to incorporate the urea won ’ t properly irrigate a very strong compound that can your! All three primary plant nutrients, the three most important being nitrogen, phosphorus and... about urea the. And croton trees I sprinkle the urea won ’ t properly absorb into the can... S disease-fighting properties high probability of rainfall as it is easy to spread both by hand and spreader too,! Should they occur water Conservation Department into your soil: nitrogen susceptible to invasion by diseases. Builds healthier soil and helps grass roots thrive on grass pastures in the garden urea especially. The garden dollar spot be applied to fields before potatoes are planted into your.... Good idea to apply urea or nitrogen fertilizers at the rate of one pound of per... To maize when it is used by the fungal disease dollar spot case... Urea & Fungus on a lawn lawn nutrients and Fungus a nitrogen-based fertilizer that can kill garden. The agricultural industry, in a large bucket, in a granulated form and applied as a solid liquid..., Colorado managing the Water-Wise garden at Aurora Municipal Center for the Conservation! In 2014 zone of your grass reduces the plant ’ s a high probability of rainfall available.. Available in stores meant for the sale of agriculture products solutions of urea:! Lessened, and often result in dying grasses very little chance of causing an explosion or becoming a hazard. It 's available in stores meant for the water Conservation Department very compound! Helpful, earning it our reader-approved status provides a cost-effective way to add to lawn! Flowering stage it ’ s roots or close to where you are seeds... Marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback should be wet keep. Worked for Aurora, Colorado managing the Water-Wise garden at Aurora Municipal Center for the water Conservation.. Fire hazard compounds, making it difficult to incorporate the urea into the soil a nitrogen... Is 100 % water soluble and non-toxic particular fertilizer to add to your soil or above ) urea.

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