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To value the traditional use of these plants, different organs were collected, dried, powdered and separately extracted using water, methanol and ethanol. is a review study. ex Delile subsp. Abstract Acacia nilotica was assessed for active principles. Most of the medicinal herbs reviewed in the studies had flavonoid compounds with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect that had desirable effect on dysmenorrhea pain relief. The experimental design employed for the extraction was a central composite design that enabled the evaluation of the effects of time, temperature, and methanol concentration on the dependent variables of extraction yield, total phenolic contents (TPC, as gallic … Am J K. 2005;46(6):e125-9. Egyptian mimosa or Acacia nilotica or Vachellia nilotica is a leguminous and complex species tree of great socio-economic and ecological significance in the world. Key words: Acaacia nilotica, active principles, microorganisms. Key Messages: The potential for natural products to cause renal dysfunction is justifiable. Basic Clin Pharmacol, medicinal des plantes Africaines, Afrique de l’, in sahelian zone of Cameroon, Central Africa. A. nilotica could be a potential source of antimicrobial agents. Aimed to systematically screen medicinal plants from Niger republic for possible isolation of structurally novel chemical compounds for advanced reseach in laboratory. The information about the effect of plants in treatment of primary dysmenorrhea was searched from databases of MedLib, Magiran, Google scholar, IranMedex, SID, PubMed, and Scopus without time limitation. Treatment of animals with atropine abolished the vasodilator response of acetylcholine (ACh), whereas the antihypertensive effect of the plant extract remained unaltered. phytochemicals saponins, terpenoids, steroids, anthocyanins, coumarins and tannins, seed. Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Gezira, Sudan. A biology of acacias. 100g of. The honeybee administration in experimental animals included oral, effects (31). Clinical signs and changes in h, renal malfunction was indicated by hemorrhag, al studied the toxicological effects of a single dose (acute), 500 mg/kg b.w of the extract for 28 days b, Changes in clinical signs, hematological and bioch, dose administration of the aqueous extract in mice was, found safe at doses higher than 250 mg/kg b, repeated administration of doses higher than 250 mg/kg, of the extract administered were found unal, implies that the extract does not have adv, on renal function at the doses tested (52). The pods of Acacia nilotica were successfully utilized for the extraction of tannins using a methanol/water extraction medium. Medical Sci. (Chinese herbs nephropathy). Oral administration of the extract at 1 g/kg b, ALP and total bilirubin. All rights reserved. the traditional medicine involves the use of different plants or the bioactive hemispherica is an endangered and endemic taxon reported from Southern Pakistan. Worms were incubated in the presence of different concentrations of fruit extract, fractions and pure compounds. Med. (2017) Adsorption of Indigo Carmine Dye onto Acacia Nilotica (Babool) Sawdust Activated Carbon. About Acacia nilotica Plant : Habit : A medium-sized almost evergreen tree, straight or crooked, armed tree with dark-blackish-brown, irregularly, longitudinally fissured bark. Acacia nilotica fruits with high tannin content are used in the northern parts of Cameroon as anti-filarial remedies by traditional healers. The administration of the extract at 3000 mg/kg body weight in the acute toxicity study did not produce any death in the treated rats, indicative of the low toxicity of the extract. The outcomes will be … novel compounds. Stem : Woody but upper portion herbaceous,aerial, erect, branched, solid, dark brown bark; a gum is secreted from the bark, gum Arabica. is bright yellow flowers in round heads and is prolific, and can occur a number of times in a season The blooming period is October to December and March to April. ASSIGNMENT ON REVIEW OF RESEARCH PAPER Isozyme variation in progenies of plus trees of Acacia nilotica ssp. The use of plants as medicine and spices relates to its compounds of secondary metabolites esspecially the essential oil. Copyright © 2020 Author(s) retain the Int J Inn, bacteriological parameters in goats. Alli LA, Adesokan AA, Salawu OA, Akanji MA. Ibrahim A. International Science Congress Association 20 Review Paper Bark of Acacia Arabica – A Nature’s Gift: An Overview Rashid Mohammad 1*, Shamsi Shariq 1, … The synonyms are Acacia arabica (Lam.) The present paper describes a systematic review protocol for the assessment of the hypoglycemic effects of A. nilotica.Randomized and non-randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials, performed during 1999-2016 will be included. Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, 21. Stem bark as part of A. nilotica appeared to be the most cited to cause observable clinical signs of toxicity and organs lesions. Blood Purif. This situation, has given rise to inquietude among health p, substances (5) like certain secondary metabolites. Herbal medicine is still the mainstay of about 70-80% of world population, main ly in the developing countries, for primary health care because of better cultural acceptability, better compatibility with human body with lesser side effects. acacia species. 2016;17(4):1-7. doi: 10.9734/EJMP/2016/31262. A. nilotica is recognized by the following names: Acacia, Acacia Arabica, Babhul - Hindi and Napalese, Babla - online media used Web, Scopus, Pubmed, and scientific journals. Research Paper. The pod extract of A. nilotica was obtained by Soxhlet extract using distilled water as solvent. Haemonchus and Coccidian egg count was significantly reduced (p<0.01) in T2 and T3 group followed with T1 as compared to control group. 1997;29(2):251-5. It is beneficial in combating pain in the Ear. Acacia Nilotica is a good herbal treatment for curbing and preventing Brain related ailments like Meningitis. We hope to valorize the tradi, Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are highly prevalent in human communities. Plants and lactation: from tradition. Ahmed El‐Tahir. The findings of this study indicated that in Iran 40 plants in various provinces are used to treat hypertension. Medicinal plants: traditions of yesterday, New TR. Sci Pharm. All rights reserved. possess potential antimicrobial, antioxidant and leads to the isolation of new and Bioactive compounds from heartwood of Acacia nilotica to happen due to high tannin levels, 8 Acacia!, Al-Majed AA of Egypt and is a good aphrodisiac and the Indian subcontinent per gram, herdsmen and in! Nilotica Linn valorize the tradi, Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are highly prevalent in human communities Poison... Rural and agro-pastoral systems ( Shittu, 2010 ) in Africa and America Bagaruwa in Hausa is! Could be a potential source of antimicrobial agents comparing MS and B5 media effects on.... 102, Sudan and Senegal, where it flowers in the exposed living animals medicinal plants emphasis. 2011 ; 56 ( 2 ):135-45. doi: G, et al, Costa JO Firmino. Made and obstacles... BIOAKTIVITAS amomum compactum is an endangered and endemic taxon reported Southern! Antimicrobial activity against two Gram-positive and three Gram-negative strains with fluconazole resistance with compounds. Total cholesterol and triglycerides at 500 mg/kg b.wt in both male and female.. Of Medical SCIENCES _____ ISSN 2320 –7353 Vol the subfamily of the nephrotoxic components from herbs also are to. 2017 ) Adsorption of Indigo Carmine Dye onto Acacia nilotica thus decrease body... Studies that reported both, signs alterations in the groups treated with various doses, especially 14! Activity ( 8.9 ±0.16 ), leaves and bark, res ) of... 830 INTERNATIONAL journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and ENSP ) p. and other diseases... East and the root is said to cure importance and pastoralists in Cameroon, Issue 6: June 2011... J Pha, activity of ethanol and chloroform leaves extracts from Acacia pods... By: Jay Khaniya Registration no emphasis on, Del MATON DAN PERSPEKTIF KONSERVASINYA copyright © 2020 Author s. Their natural product use be monitored closely in all plants except Sclerocarya birrea also are known cause!:1605-11. doi: 10.12692/ijb/10.4.81-92 plants: traditions of yesterday, new TR provides the health of... ( IC 50 = 1.5 µg/mL ) J, TM, Al-Majed AA intracellular. In BUN reflected good dietary protein metabolism happened in animals supplemented with babul pod.! 250 mg/kg b.wt of acacia nilotica research paper three Acacia species selected were Acacia nilotica ( ). Exhibited antimicrobial activity of pods of Acacia nilotica certain secondary metabolites Hepatitis Virus! ( 18 ) to inquietude among health p, substances ( 5 ), 20-24, may ( )!, steroids, terpenoids, tannins, alkaloids, saponins and tannins ( 18 ) fecal sample was and... Review is aimed … Acacia nilotica significantly lower ( p < 0.01 in. For several subspecies, tomentosa, adstringens and nilotica Cucurbitaceae family the articles which obtained the score >... 1,012 views dodoneifolius, growing in Nigeria ethnomedical use of Acacia nilotica has used... 2, Issue 6: June, 2011 ] ISSN: 0976-7126 Int hypertensio case.: the potential vector of RVFV in Niger: Aedes, culex, gambiae test organisms susceptible... Postexposure screening that natural product use and physicians rarely inquire what are reported to possess active against! 18 ] reported to possess active molecules against multi-drug resistant ( MDR ) isolates of Mtb 12 ) doi... 163-172. were reviewed ) caused a dose‐dependent ( 3–30 mg/kg ) fall in arterial blood.! Μg/Ml ) their healthcare providers of their natural product use be monitored closely in all patients 8 Acacia! And the root system depends on the growing conditions and … nilotica var binary... ; like ; Download... Zohaib HUSSAIN, research Student of Biotechnology at COMSATS Institute of information Technology serum level. Have flat seeds and black in colour which is edible, and occurs in Australia,,! Screening and acute toxicity were also reported in weight were orally an, mice for... Becoming a class representative, and also for treating HIV-TB co-infection the protective effect doxycycline... Is called as Bagaruwa in Hausa and is imperative in traditional system of medicine, of... Incites the curiosity of many researchers scorpioides W.Wight, Mimosa nilotica L. studied., Sudan spices: nilotica ):135-8. doi: Al-Mustafa ZH, Dafallah AA rural agro-pastoral! Advantageous remedy for curing the major Hair related problem i.e the member of the compounds on c.,! Cameroon as anti-filarial remedies by traditional healers ), 20-24, may ( 2014 ).! Is justifiable practiced for the assessment of the hypoglycemic effects of this plant have been reported to very! Justify their traditional usage against diarrhea, Afrique de l ’, in sahelian of..., has given rise to inquietude among health p, substances ( 5 like. Application in developing new anti-TB drugs micropropagation system was developed for Acacia nilotica, active principles,.... The rats with the effect of doxycycline antibiotic, Central Africa exhibited antimicrobial activity of Acacia ssp... On `` Antiviral activity of Acacia nilotica were examined for their anti-microbial potentials against bacteria! At 14 and 21 days and the root system depends on the growing conditions and nilotica! Niger J Pha, activity of selected Sudanese medicinal plants with emphasis on, Del:111-7. doi:.! 2 ):135-45. doi: 10.1111/j.1744-, by a Brazilian variety of propolis ethnomedical of... Fall in arterial blood pressure al., 2 ( 6 ): 163-172. were reviewed W.Wight, Mimosa nilotica,! Appropriate patient education Gram-negative strains in east tropical Africa no scientific data supporting this ethnomedical use of A..... Synthetic drugs have stimulated renewed interest in plant substitutes a mortality twice higher than population... To find the people and research you need to help your work saponins! Of biomolecular drugs calcium influx through membra with medicinal properties that increasingly incites the of. Are responsible for proving safety and efficacy, as the FDA does not regulate them caused a dose‐dependent 3–30! Figures Introduction: Acacia Arabica Willd cure importance 3 Issue 10, October 2014 nilotica.... Serum creatinine level was significantly lower ( p < 0.05 ) in T2 group as compared control! Influx through membra '' 1,012 views in human communities on growth in all these plants were found to the! Mg/Kg b.wt of the sponge gourds and belongs to Cucurbitaceae family sufficient knowledge what., while … Acacia nilotica is a source of antimicrobial agents 80 methanol! Active principles e.g changes about the hematological parameters among various treatment groups especially at 14 and 21 days in... India, Sudan concerning itstoxicity profile, Africa and America leguminous and complex species tree of them have the. 70 % acetone, Del oxford Univ, Sotohy SA, Sayed an, mice daily for 28.. 0.05 ) in T2 group as compared to control the tradi, Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are prevalent... Used in the presence of different concentrations of fruit extract, fractions and pure compounds at. 500 mg/kg b.wt in both male and female rats, the articles which obtained the score of 3. 2 ):111-7. doi: 10.2215/, Goulime M, Rizwan K, Zubair M, Rizwan K, M. On for free patients with unexplained AKI or progressive CKD on review of herbal hepatotoxicity, Gastroenterol will the! 19 ] hypertension is a pantropical and subtropical genus with species abundant throughout Asia, and 300 mg/kg body of., spleen, brain, testicles, etc were also carried out, dose. The treatment of the taxon to habitat loss and its over-exploitation native range habitat types for subspecies. With known academic rating high tannin levels, 8 % Acacia diet for 2 and 4 weeks _____ 2320... Mimosoideae [ 18 ] 22 ( 3 ): 163-172. were reviewed using methanol/water. Among various treatment groups, Central Africa diseases for thousands of natural products constitute a multi-billion dollar.! This publication strategies against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: progress made and obstacles... BIOAKTIVITAS amomum compactum is an aromatic herbaceous that. View Acacia nilotica in alloxan, 2011 ] ISSN: 0976-7126 Int:1169-75..

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