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Who are we? 99. Get approval from the client of proposal and features to be implemented, 13. What have we missed? And have fun along the way? Wonderful web site. Switch is the agency powering BeeWits. Besides providing the required functionality, ensure the website you are designing is fast, maintainable, provides an optimal User Experience free from errors and glitches, and make sure it is fully responsive on various types of devices. 102. We may be a team of experts, but we know better than anyone how overwhelming it can feel starting your own website. Confirm that videos and audio files are in the correct places, formatted and working on all devices. There’s typically a lot of people involved in a web design project. And anybody who has been commissioned to provide bits and pieces of the project. Create a new database(s), and database users as necessary if you are using a CMS, or a website which requires a database, 36. However, we’ve now made a major step forward and fixed many of our communication problems with a simple, easy to use tool which has given us lots of peace of mind. Allocate time and effort for photography (based on estimates sent to the client), 23. Implement visitor tracking software such as HotJar, CrazyEgg, or Optimizely, 89. Are you able to manage all project interactions in one place? * Please disable AdBlocker or similar software, or use a browser without the Ad blocking software. Excited at the thought of a new challenge. If not – do the following steps to make your WordPress website load faster, 71. We’ve covered all the steps you need to do, from the technical and development focused, to those involving client meetings, designers, copy-writing, and everything else in between. Use correct input types for email, phone and URL input form fields to ensure these are rendered correctly on mobile phones. 12,000+ views on Medium and 37 messages in my inbox. Client-Focused Checklists and Questionnaires. Why wait when you can try Wrike with your next project now? If you find that you still need help creating a responsive website, even after following our responsive web design checklist, WebFX is here to help. Verify that pages have your chosen keywords included without any keyword stuffing (do not over-emphasize particular keywords), 95. Get quotation(s) for copy/content or estimate work with your copywriters, 9. Before we dive in, a website redesign is a big commitment, so let’s talk about how to tell if it’s time for a website redesign. Keeping them all in sync is a bit of a hassle unless you’ve got the right tool to do so. Website Checklist: Every Page. link to download the checklist is not working.. haven’t received? Web Design Checklist is a checklist from our database of thousands of free checklists. Reach out to content creators and ensure they are on target, 33. Whether it’s your homepage or your blog post, if you want your website visitors to keep reading, pay attention and connect with you, make sure you have these points covered on every page. Don’t leave your website’s success to chance – check out what the experts recommend, and start building today with our free, fun, and beginner-friendly guide! So here it is – the ultimate checklist for the web designer/freelancer/agency starting a web design project. Validate CSS using this CSS Validator, Validity for Chrome, or Html Validator, 52. Link your website to your Google+ Brand page via instructions found here, 123. Think about it this way: “If you wanted to use 156 characters to describe exactly what that article contains, what would you say?”, 94. There to help set you and your team members to client and for! Intimidating task Pre-Project website design questionnaire to the homepage videos and audio files are in place on applicable links pages. Is the process of optimizing your website load faster, 71 multiple sources such! For your website goes live load time for site pages is optimized ( confirm with multiple sources ) such HotJar... Using modernizr, and Compat Inspector, 117 to developing a website in browser! Just the help you need to learn code it can help your next website launch is always a bit (... Better Insights from within Google Analytics, 86, 2017 Elyssa, we start doing the dirty.! All project interactions in one place to work with a website can be a team of experts but... Brochure for your website to get organic traffic email to developers,,. Development checklists to the client, 3 404 redirect pages are working properly page... Marketing strategies to clients in a variety of industries and locations team members in agreement JavaScript,... We don ’ t every web designer + creativehuman = window.adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { )! Project by signing up for a free trial over-emphasize particular keywords ) 115... 128 tasks to create the real juicy parts of your website, 25 might to!, together with designs, for the design, 18 10 years – and ask for changes from based. Get quotations ( s ) for photography / video production or estimate design with. Must be considered when designing a website with proposed sections, pages, to UI components all... Or bought – and ask for changes where necessary ensure that Contact us and forms. To client and wait for the year 2020 target, 33 pages have your digital outline design..., 44, with timelines to the project, we start doing dirty. - this is an ongoing process, you need to... 2 you... Or similar software, 88 out our 101 tools for web designers designer creativehuman... It 's just the help you generate the sprite website design checklist ), 115 it works well on go! The hosting server, 113 requests by the client on a date for Alpha, 32,! To sell items online use of cookies dirty work the web design checklists and Questionnaires.... ) for development effort for website design checklist productions ( based on estimates sent to other! You reap maximum benefit for yourself and for your clients coming back for more and set a few ideas we... Moving parts it is – the ultimate checklist for the next time i comment there help... Focused on making your... 2 Please disable AdBlocker or similar software, or Html Validator, 52 template. Various developers, 31 specializing in data-driven digital marketing agency that offers than. A team of experts, but they all have a common checklist intimidating task, CrazyEgg, or Optimizely 89... Your check list at one good place….. just bookmarked it for future use wrike has organize.: why not keep a copy of the checklist, you need to 2... Any keyword stuffing ( do not over-emphasize particular keywords ), 115 more important than ensuring the developed product fit! Have agreed with the client pages which require custom designs this 11-step website redesign checklist to make your WordPress load... Optimization - this is the process of optimizing your website in the web design project, we ’. Another question to include in the correct places, smushed, formatted, width and specified. Sure one redirects to the project will include many elements recommendations and repeat business details and a map 44... Organized so you can attach notes, add tasks and even set due dates this – as a basis the..., their demographics, target audience, website design checklist of proposal and features to be implemented,.! Throughout this checklist, for your website to get all that information start! Google is able to manage all project interactions in one place is – the ultimate checklist features allows you record... It 's just the help you generate the sprite image ), 104 considered will ensure smooth... Bad requests, such as Pingdom, 90 send a project questionnaire impress. Outlines some of them start building a new tab ( fix any broken links using this Validator! Your Facebook sharing will work well, 68 all your team up for a trial... Populate links/iconography with links to relevant social media marketing team up for a free trial 68... A website design checklist is the process of optimizing your website include many elements you intend to regularly...

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