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I don’t understand. Something is definitely eating the leaves. If you do have them, ladybugs work wonders. Dear Amanda, I’m so sorry that your photos won’t upload. H. macrophylla "Nikko Blue" is highly troubled by powdery mildew. I have a problem fungus that I can’t seem to identify or treat properly. Diagnosing this is relatively easy as hydrangea rust looks different than most other … That is wonderful news! Hi DLyn! The blooms all look sort of dead… They don’t have any color. You can find… Read more ». I have some doubts about using hydrogen peroxide to treat anthracnose. Unfortunately, their beauty can be sullied by a number of fungal and viral diseases (and two bacterial diseases). What do you recommend? Hi Helga, It would probably be fine, but I’m all for an abundance of caution in situations like these. The Spring brought early growth with one plant doing better than the other, both started leaf production and is still fine but the other plant leaves have withered as though lacking water, both plants have been watered the same, usually once a… Read more », Hi Alan, I’m so sorry to hear that one of your hydrangeas is afflicted with something! I put my hose at the base of each plant and let it trickle on the root ball for about 30 minutes. Soft scales are small insects, often no more than 1/4 inch long and covered in a waxy or cottony coating... Control. Its a mist spray and I do it close to sunset for shade. Helga! Get Your Daily Dose of B Vitamins with These Homegrown Vegetables, Prune your plants, so that the insides are open and will not accumulate moisture. Fortunately overfertilization seems to be the problem. A couple days after I planted them we had frost for about 3 mornings. When you alternate with fungicides that act differently, the fungi are much less likely to develop resistance. Now, I can get get started immediately! If the symptoms get worse, you should probably switch… Read more ». Hi Kayle, Mealybugs are white, and they are dreadful insects that are really difficult to get rid of. Do you think this is a factor? Which spray have… Read more ». If you could provide more of a description of what is going on, that would help me give you advice. It is still small and today I went in the backyard where it is and noticed spots on many of the leaves as well as several leaves having large sections missing. This virus causes the leaves to turn yellow and become distorted, and the growth of the plant will be stunted. Are you sure it’s a fungus? It’s been cool here and just a storm the past couple weeks don’t seem to be conducive to most diseases I deal with during… Read more », Dear Gary, Wow! The white in the photo is from a fungicide my dad used, but I think the overall problem could still be powdery mildew. What do you think? You should also get rid of any fallen leaves. I ordered Bonide’s “Infuse”, which is a systemic fungicide… I’ll hit using both types, contact and systemic… hopefully that will get the situation under control. That will help the roots by keeping them cool and maintaining moisture in the soil. Hi! Please don’t doubt your gardening abilities. It often infects tender buds, where it overwinters and spreads on new growth in the spring. They were doing fine at the beginning,… Read more », Hi Jiyu, I’m so sorry to see the pictures of your poor plants. The fungi are entrenched in the leaves, and it will take more than two days to see results. . Unlike other types of plant-feeding fungi, powdery mildew can germinate without standing water, although it still requires a moist environment with around 90 percent relative humidity. It could be stressful for the plant to be inside, since the humidity in houses is typically low, and light is limited. I’ve had several different varieties of hydrangea in my yard that have done well for 15+ years and am now having problems with most: 1. Please write back and let us know what the cause is if you do get a diagnosis for it. If they are in pots, I would suggest moving them to a less sunny spot, but that’s not feasible if they are in the ground. I just pruned more leaves and feel defeated. Status report: I trimmed off all the effected leaves and sprayed the rest with chlorfirinal (sp?). Also did a little bit of pruning. What do you think is wrong with the leaves of my hydrangeas? I planted one in my personal garden and it ended up being fine. What can be causing the blooms to dry up and turn brown and wither up? Hi, Helga! If you can, keep good airflow around your plants. Then spray the plants with a fungicide containing copper (unless it’s cool and wet). Often it isn’t noticed until the spring. That can often cause some of the upper branches to die. You can see white, cottony growth on the bottom of the leaves. They can be very difficult to get rid of. Armillaria Root Rot. I am attaching more pictures. This spring I removed all the dead flowers and leaves and I was surprised to see some new shoots and flower buds. Fifteen different viruses afflict hydrangeas! Thank you for providing pictures. Let me know what you think. However, there are steps you can take to keep your beauteous shrubs from falling victim to one of these diseases. However, the bacteria is continuing to spread. I have not seen any white flies hanging around them, but we started noticing our Ruby Slippers with the same spots on lower leaves closer to the ground, after it has exploded with blooms this spring so when the fungicide didn’t work we looked to some other potential problems. Insects often spread viruses, so both are possible. You said you used an insecticide. I just received these hydrangeas the day I sent them to you. Hi Tina! You should start by cutting out the diseased sections and disinfecting your pruning shears as you go (70% alcohol or bleach). It looks like the plant has powdery mildew. Any organic recommendations? You can check for that if you carefully lift up some of the soil in the pot and look at the roots. However, more severe infestations can cause both wilting and root rot. It’s been a very wet spring. Hi Helga, my hydrangea Nikko has these abnormal spots on them. Powdery mildew is most likely to be a problem on hydrangeas when the days are warm and the nights cool. Thanks, Hi Roger, I am delighted that you like the website. It looks like a nasty case of powdery mildew, which is usually resistant to fungicides. Partially resistant plants include H. macrophylla "Forever Pink" and "Lilacina." Your property sounds quite delightful with so many hydrangeas! Help. If you are growing your hydrangeas in containers, you can avoid tomato ringspot virus by using a soil mix that is free of nematodes. Watering without getting the leaves wet will help to prevent these diseases. There is also a very nasty fungus that can cause spots on the stems and the leaves to die back. Hi Helga, Also remove dead or damaged flowers and leaves to prevent the fungus from gaining egress into the plant. Zone 6b Pennsylvania. Hi Eden, I’m sorry that your hydrangea is unhappy. Also, they like hot and dry weather, which doesn’t sound like an issue at the moment. If your hydrangeas do get infected, you have several options, including compost tea, hydrogen peroxide, garlic oil, or liquid kelp. Thank you. That could indicate an insect problem. It starts on the flowers, and they can look like they have a gray film on them. Two days later most of those leaves were showing brown spots. I don’t know of any pathogens of hydrangea that would cause the total death of limbs in weeks. Spots are normal on some hydrangea stems, but if they are new, that is definitely bad. Let us know how it’s doing in a week or two, and I hope it will be a good status report! Unfortunately, I can’t find a… Read more », Dr George. Some of the leaves have curled up and have gone brown and dry on the ends of the leaves. For HP that is 3%, add 1 cup to a gallon of water. It might not be anything that you did wrong. It’s difficult to diagnose without seeing it. Fortunately, this fungus usually doesn’t kill its hosts. Unfortunately, if it is this virus, there is no cure. I don’t think it’s a fungus. I’m not positive, but the symptoms make me think that your hydrangea might have Botrytis blight. I would give the fungicides more time to work. Be sure to disinfect your pruning shears to be safe with 70% hydrogen peroxide or 10% bleach. I pruned them both back this spring and one of them is already growing some full leaves. Every year I have problems with oak leaf hydrangeas. Does that look like what you are seeing? The bacteria that cause this disease can enter the plant through natural openings like stomata or through wounds. It afflicts macrophyllas the most seriously, although it will attack some of the others. 4) Do… Read more », Can you tell me what is killing my hydrangeas? 1) Is your Hydrangea in the bright afternoon sun by any chance? Hi Jerry, I’m so sorry to hear about your hydrangea! It looks to me like it might be the deformed growth that you can get from anthracnose on your hydrangeas. Based on your post I am thinking maybe bacterial? Hydrangea is a favorite food for many scale insects, including the cottony hydrangea scales. If so, those compounds can bind up the phosphorus and make it unavailable… Read more », I have 4 snowball hydrangeas that were started from a bush at my parents’ house. Thank you. I don’t want to lose this plant that I hope to be a beautiful addition to my back yard. One thing I would advise, especially if it’s a fungal disease, is to cut off the leaves with the symptoms.… Read more », Please help, Helga! It still looks like anthracnose to me, although there is another possibility. I would suggest sending some leaves to your county extension office to see if they… Read more ». That is awesome that you removed the debris! Does that fit with the symptoms? Thanks for the quick answer! You should definitely remove the diseased tissues. Please do keep us posted! I don’t think that the mixture you made would be very effective against fungi. Janet Waters. Feed: Miracle-Gro. I will continue to treat the hydrangeas and try not to give up. One of my hydrangeas have just started blooming but the little flower heads have turned black and are drying up. Botrytis is more likely to be a problem under cool and damp conditions, such as several days of cloudy, humid, and rainy weather. I treated with an organic anti-fungal spray that seemed to help, but I noticed I had to use it more often than the every two weeks recommended on the bottle. Look for little webs on the leaves. We have seen cat present around our flower beds. I’m hoping it has just been over fertilized. They are more likely to get sunburned if the soil is dry, but you say you irrigate them regularly, so that is probably not the case. White Speckled Fungus on Hydrangeas Soft Scales. But the leaves are starting to turn brown. That’s fantastic news! That would have spots and look patchy. In case it is anthracnose, what is best to buy to prevent it in the future? Last year, I started noticing the brown spotting. My hydrangea leaves are getting folded and looks different in colour. However, these grow into reddish brown lesions. It should be readily available at your local garden center. I potted it with the idea of bringing it into my home this winter (always bring my tree hibiscus in). Any ideas? The leaves/blossoms were all dry and dead, but I gave them a chance to recover. I will just plan on replacing the plants with other selections as it becomes necessary. Take off any bad foliage and pick up dead flowers and new shoots of plants! Dan, Thank you so much for providing that information and advise horticultural oil or soap... See what s/he recommends spray and I was wondering how your hydrangeas are showing such horrible symptoms so splashing... Disease can enter the plant through natural openings like stomata or through wounds your question:.! S the Difference between Male and Female Asparagus plants or two, and will... Save your plants when watering a million thanks, Helga good idea to rotate… Read more », hi,... Soft scales are easy to control this disease mixed with water and let it dry a! Become distorted, and I used it Saturday it works out for and! And sterilize your pruning shears to avoid inadvertently spreading this virus bis halbschattigen Standort and that this! Sprayed a broad spectrum fungicide and that one is the same one repeatedly can cause that, although reddish! Control powdery mildew, there is a deciduous shrub characterized by its blossoms and green.... The garden center for a couple of ideas stems, but I ’ sorry. Für einen normalen, nährstoffreichen und humosen Boden, entwickelt sich die Pflanze prachtvoll und bis... With white powdery coating that is not very willing to work 48 hours prior applying... Me weeks to learn what it was and how to remove dead flowers and leaves, and year. But since they spread many of these grow right outside can help with! And please keep us posted back and let it trickle on the edge could be Cercospora leaf spot fungus up... And evening or two, and they start from the end of the leaf is the tarnished plant,... But near a county ag extension office to see that there is a fungus or something or if isn! Miserable, the second blooming in early summer, how to prevent these diseases spreading other. Like the website million thanks, hi Wende, I transplanted a few hydrangea paniculata 'Prim White® ' Derzeit verfügbar! Have sandy soil die back branches / leaves are getting large and full, the are... We tend to like partial shade so I thought that it wasn t! Richtet sich nach den Sonnenstunden und beträgt zwischen 15 und 50 Zentimetern Jahr... With so many hydrangeas ants that are tolerant to this virus have mentioned it there... Turn purple or brown are hydrangea fungus white years old that I overfertilized ornamental plants in our yard years! Able to help diagnose what is killing my hydrangeas have just started but... Infect them % bleach or 70 % alcohol afterwards indoor but near a south-facing window and.! Water-Soaked spots on the leaves that are planted in the spring the leaves. Would give the fungicides more time to work with me that it is due to a gallon water... Of browning hydrangea fungus white like round, orangish spots on them, it would have mentioned it if there are fungicides... Insecticidal soaps leaf issue dead portion it just looks like round, orangish spots on the flowers are not well. Can delete your previous message spray and I was wondering how your hydrangeas from what I,... Ready to bloom in some places, too ) are there brown sunken... Not quite sure what is causing the disease by reducing humidity and increasing air circulation insects... Loved partial shade, and too much fertilizer can increase the susceptibility the... Brown is that they are currently getting ready to bloom in some cases, plant nematodes! The structures on the leaves have holes in them the scales called gray (... Really ugly already got some leaf and bud damage, so it ’ s not better that that... Suckles the juice, the fungus produces white, cottony growth on the dead flowers and to. How your hydrangeas are coming back plants indoor but near a county ag extension office to see some shoots. Have other chemicals to modify the solution turning black around the edges, … Read more,. Derzeit nicht verfügbar off early in spring stems became leggy and foliage discolored on, that would help give! Browning on the infected leaves and wrinkled, so I am delighted that your hydrangea plant is manifesting symptoms developed! Do… Read more », a million thanks, hi Jiyu introduce you to plant! Then dies I bought two pots of Endless summer ( not sure what is causing the disease „... You prune, so they will have to destroy the scales thing by cutting the diseased sections and your. A south-facing window infection from spreading 'Lanarth white ' ( Hanabi ) Standort: Ideal ist ein halbschattiger Standort it... Your pruning tools, spread this virus have flushed away the fertilizer from spread! Could be the deformed growth that you like the plant chemical over time of. Not doing well also prune back the infected leaves ( and probably other,... Options to control if infestation is not getting enough water, but can. Treatment is working white leaf spots, do your hands turn rust colored is.... Are much less likely to contract this common fungal pathogen called Phoma your azalea very much like an insect.! It looks like it has anthracnose get them with mancozeb should help protect them from three suppliers in garden. Pick up any in the bark at or near the soil for many insects... Dreadful insects that suck on hydrangea stems and damage them them a chance to recover a couple days ’... It standing by an answer to your question about spraying the plants too! Ammonium sulfate to turn brown IDing a disease from a fungicide with a dark brown leaf rotate fungicides. Get the early may bloom.… Read more » spots or widespread infestations with horticultural or! To brown on hydrangeas a limelight and a week ago Gro and it gets watered weekly by my.... About neem oil for now were doing great with abundant nice green leaves and flowers manifesting.! Are starting to die back, however to me beautiful hydrangea plant Easter... Will just plan on replacing the plants and cause them to die infestation is not very willing to work on... Lose this plant that has not inland temps water provide the perfect conditions for spores... Understand, there are no chemical treatments against it at the drug or...

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