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Washington is the highest paying state for MBA jobs. Salary: HK$589,581 With some of the best MBA programs in the world, such as at Harvard Business School, The Wharton School and this year’s Average MBA Starting Salaries at the Top Business Schools The following table indicates salary statistics for top 15 B-Schools MBA graduates in an average base. S. No. Degrees in the same industry as Master of Business Administration (MBA), ranked by salary Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (BSEE) Avg. MBA Salaries by State. Business School Post MBA Salary (2016) Average GMAT Score 1 Stanford $215 K 740 2 Pennsylvania (Wharton) $225 K 730 3 Harvard $212 K 730 4 Northwestern (Kellogg) $195 K 730 5 Chicago (Booth) $195 K MBA Salary depends on many factors such as industry, location, MBA specialization, and business school rankings. Business School Average Starting Salary and Bonus Columbia $162,824 Cornell (Johnson) $157,182 Dartmouth (Tuck) $158,194 Harvard $167,148 MIT (Sloan) $156,173 Northwestern (Kellogg) $156,661 Stanford $173,989 What is the average annual salary for a MBA job by State? Salary: US$102,100 In second place for MBA salaries is the home of the MBA itself, the United States. For example, suppose an MBA aspirant with an annual salary of $70,000 a year and a yearly salary hike of 5 percent joins a reputed b-school program in 2015-16, with tuition fees and other expenses of $200,000 in two years but Let’s take a look at the biggest influences on a MBA grad’s expected salary, what pay is connected with some common jobs and how new grads can position themselves for the best possible income for years to … If you aspire to a rewarding and high paying career in any of the above industries, the GMAT is the first stepping stone in the right direction. Between 2008 and 2014, the average salary of MBA graduates three years after they left business school increased by just 4 per cent to $127,000. Please note that salaries are negotiated one by one for each employer and starting salary for each graduate may vary significantly. North Carolina is the lowest paying State for Many publications have attempted to quantify the average salary that MBA-holders can expect, but there are many factors that play a role in how much an MBA grad can expect to earn. See how much a MBA job pays hourly by State.

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