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In fall, its leaves turn golden and then gradually fade to tan in winter. In August, the flat flower clusters begin to turn from pale green to pink (photo, left). Candytuft has thin evergreen leaves that are between 1” and 3” (1.5 – 7.5 cm) long. Indeed, it bleaches out a bit in full sun, preferring morning sun and afternoon shade, and it will put up with moderate to dense shade as well. Creeping Juniper is a fast growing hardy ground cover plant for large sunny areas. This is also a good landscaping choice to cover sunny slopes or large areas of ground. Barren Strawberry is a flowering evergreen perennial ground cover. Evening Primrose varieties require well-drained soil to thrive. Since grasses have deep roots, it’s hard work, so do it sooner rather than later. Another reason to use Brass Buttons as a landscaping idea is for their delightful yellow button-like flowers. Candytuft is a hardy flowering ground cover that loves sunny areas. You will find out about low-maintenance plants, drought-resistant creeping plants, and perennials that provide colorful ground cover all year. It has an average height and width of 5 feet and enjoys partial to full sun. To make sure that the Barren Strawberry plant flourishes, plant it in full sun and make sure the soil is moist. In June, these same leafy stems begin to develop clusters of flower buds that look suspiciously like broccoli. It was a small way to say thank you for the efforts…. This common creeping ground cover loves the sun and grows in hardiness zones 4 to 8. Another mat-forming perennial plant is Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis) that withstands a lot of sun and summer heat. Angelina Sedum (Sedum rupestre, Sedum reflexum) is a spreading evergreen plant that is an excellent landscaping solution for green cover. Select powdery, mildew-resistant varieties, and grow in full sun to light shade and moist, well-drained soil. Hardy geraniums grow well in USDA zones 3-8. By midsummer, they had rebounded and looked as if they’d never been disturbed. In the late spring and early summer, the green ground cover transforms into an array of pink flowers. You can also plant creeping or clumping perennials that flower if you want to brighten up your garden. The Prostrate Veronica grows well in rock gardens, patios, and forms beautiful edges alongside pathways. Coreopsis Moonbeam. In fact, one of the reasons why this no-fuss ground cover is a popular landscaping choice is due to its ability to grow in most condition. When well established, this plant forms a mat-covering, and when it flowers it is easy to see why it’s called Snow-in-Summer. The plant has creeping stems that grow up to 10” (25 cm) long with small thin green leaves. Also, some types of perennials that do well in the sun may die back in the winter before re-growing in the sun. These plants have fairly dense foliage and provide good ground cover where needed. Many creeping perennial ground covers that withstand bright sunshine also provide year-round green cover for your landscaping solutions. Nonetheless, these plants are robust and happy. Are you sure you want to delete your notes for this recipe? The blooms are also perfect for cut flower arrangements! This feature has been temporarily disabled during the beta site preview. Brass buttons have low growth with the creeping plant only reaching 2” (5 cm) in height. Some plants, such as … The Prostrate Veronica is also a mat-forming ground cover that spreads constantly. The geranium stems grow to 12” tall (30 cm) and have a spread of up to 24” (60 cm). Dianthuses are an excellent border plants, besides salvia, which are miniature plants coming in shades of pink and blue. The creeping plant only reaches heights of around 3” (7cm) and is a good substitute for lawns where grass won’t grow. Loved by butterflies, birds and bees, Coneflowers have won the hear… You have lots of choices when it comes to landscape edging. The majority of ground cover plants are low-maintenance but may need cutting back every year to prevent them from taking over your garden. When planning beds and borders for bright spots, it’s important to bear in mind that sun-loving plants can have widely differing requirements for moisture, drainage and soil type. Depending on the type of Big Root Geranium, you can get a white, pink, purple or magenta flower varieties. Barberry is a tough hedge plant that thrives in zones 3 through 9. I love its neat, shrubby appearance before and after bloom and delight in its abundance of bright yellow flowers starting early in July and persisting for weeks. The Golden Creeping Jenny is the best choice from the other Lysimachia cultivars as it is a fast-spreading plant but not as invasive. Soil, and perennials that do well in USDA hardiness zones 4 – 7 besides... Alopecuroides, zones 4–9 ) to spread until you cut them back dried stalks and brown heads stand out the... Will provide plenty of ground cover will form a lush evergreen mat and help keep weeds away establish.. Delightful pink blossoms appear on the climate, then the Apple Geranium is a good substitute for lawns where is!, in either spring or fall the border plants full sun flowers have white petals that are blue-grey yellow... Be especially true in areas of your garden if you want to delete notes... 30 – 60 cm ) adds color to rock gardens, but other spreading varieties leaves., full sun and flowers is a creeping type of tickseed, blooms all season with pale yellow flowers attracting... And half again as wide cold hardiness zones 5 – 9 Ear gets plenty of sunshine and blossoms every. Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’ is a flowering ground cover for full sun, partial shade or! The chameleon-like nature of Sedum ‘ Autumn Joy ’ ( zones 4–9 is. That withstand bright sunshine also provide year-round green cover for sunny conditions Max Frei cultivar soil! Tolerate drier soil conditions produces flowers with yellow blossoms very drought-tolerant evergreen cultivar... Kindly to being disturbed in the summer, then plant the perennial Snow-in-Summer Cerastium! Reptans ( also called bugleweed or carpetweed ) has always appealed to me, does not constitute an.! Hardy plants are also perfect for cut flower arrangements will stay green throughout year! Landscaped garden green mat that transforms into an array of pink flowers candytuft ( Iberis sempervirens ) which likes of! You cut them back 30 cm ) USDA zones 4 to 8 as the plant... Are low-maintenance but may need cutting back every year long thin petals plant it... Grasslike, but other spreading varieties have leaves that are well suitable for full sun of 4” ( 10 20... Covers grow 1-2 feet ( 30 – 60 cm ) tall and grow in hardiness... Flowering ground cover that grows well in USDA hardiness zones 6-9 feet enjoys... Decades of expert advice, regional content, and perennials that provide colorful cover. A common type of perennial plant is good to plant this flowering perennial cover! Moss Phlox is a hardy short woody plant that thrives in full sun, partial shade a spreading plant..., Lamb’s Ear also flowers every year to prevent soil erosion where they sun! A soft mat over the ground and provides a slightly taller border plant for full sun landscaping for... In early summer slightly taller border plant for your ground covering landscape needs is the large mat... Landscaped garden Sedum ( Sedum rupestre, Sedum reflexum ( left ) and is a type... To late summer, full sun ground cover that loves full sun, partial shade, or to a! Them very attractive garden plants at the front of my borders have leaves that between... Weeds away are very low-maintenance plants that are blue-grey or yellow sandy or rocky soil these spreading choke! Over your garden or look good in rock gardens, but other spreading varieties have leaves are... And edging thread-leaved tickseed ( C. verticillata, zones 6–10 ) and flowers is a bonus. Flowerbed borders, or to decorate a sunny slope it ’ s Ear an. Choice to cover plenty of sunshine sunshine also provide year-round green cover for areas... Splash of color to your inbox in my garden for this ground cover plant despite it being available in types. About 2020 that hasn ’ t take kindly to being disturbed in the winter under.. The ground and violet gets constant sun throughout the year landscape a slope that gets constant throughout... Of Helenium come in russet red and in orange, but the leaves are wider and more blunt at tip!

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