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If you decide to angle to bridge, mark the new holes with the bass side (thicker strings) tilted slightly down towards the butt of the guitar. Most of the guide-holes you will be required to drill when assembling a guitar are pilot-holes, … All the other holes are drilled (neck mounting holes, bridge mounting holes, etc. These small holes … Acoustic guitars can get nicks and holes, especially if you play with them a lot or travel with them. I need to drill a 3/8" hole … Thread starter merkaba22; Start date Sep 19, 2008; merkaba22 Member. Make sure you correctly identify A) which size drill piece you need & B) what depth you need to drill so to avoid going through & out the back of the guitar body. Between the holes and the abrupt edge of the belly cut, I agree with … I was looking at some of the finished bodies on the warmoth showcase and wondered-- how would I go about drilling pickguard & control plate holes without cracking the paint? Sep 19, 2008 #1 I have a SG with a push-pull switch that I want to replace with a regular pot and 3 position switch. drilling a 3/8" hole in my guitar body. Everyone knows that drilling through the body like that lets the tone escape out the back and makes it sound thin. Step 4: Now its time to drill the holes. ), but not the pickguard and control plate holes. The Pilot Program. Sometimes when we buy used guitars, we discover the former owners have made modifications to the instruments, such as drilling holes to attach pickups. Big no no. Messages 1,164. The neck joint of a bolt-on guitar uses both clearance-holes and pilot-holes.

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