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If you notice it doesn't pop when you do push ups or certain other intensive wrist using workouts, but when you try to get that "pump" and are doing overhead or bench pressing with weights, gravity is forcing it onto that part of your body and you get a POP sound. This can, and DOES lead to long-term degenerative changes that can stop athletes from performing. What are the signs and symptoms of a wrist injury? you say that doing weights to strengthen your wrist has helped you? Avid Weight Lifter With Wrist Pain and cracking and popping by: Tom Hi, I am an avid weightlifter and athlete and have been for years, over the past few months I've been getting wrist pain on the outside of my wrist (nearest my little finger) with lots of cracking and popping when I move it and recently pain in my forearm near to my bicep. Wear wrist straps or even better, weight lifting gloves. Examples are a fracture, sprain (stretched or torn ligament), or strain (stretched or torn tendon). The result is often popping, clicking, locking and wrist pain. Pain, weakness, or numbness in your wrist or hand; A feeling of something clicking, popping, or tearing inside your wrist I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog and video today. My wrists were at one point, particularly prone to popping and, before, to pain- I couldn't even pick up a cup of tea- but have gotten less so. That I can assure you! A wrist injury is damage to the tissues of your wrist joint. Wrist Straps and Weight Lifting Concerns! I now only notice it when lifting particularly heavy …

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