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A relative youngster in the industry (founded in 2001), LM Flooring specializes in engineered hardwood flooring. Q: Is a thicker wear layer always better? Personally, we find it refreshing that From the Forest admit that scratches are always possible, no matter how hard the wear layer or how careful the homeowner! Walnut and Cherry are a little more expensive, and you will have to deal with darkening over time with the latter. Narrower boards closer to 3 inches are also available, and you’ll find more variance when it comes to thickness. You can pick up cheap solid hardwood for the same price as budget-friendly engineered flooring, but it all depends on the species. Compared to solid hardwood or linoleum, engineered wood flooring is something you can find with ease. These Pergo floors are AWFUL. Q: Is it possible to stain engineered flooring if I get tired of the color? Whilst this at first it seems like a huge choice, when you drill down into the detail the TecWood the collection features a relatively limited range of wood species: the standard domestic woods – Hickory, Maple, Oak and Walnut, and just one exotic – Acacia. With excellent green credentials – locally sourced materials from suppliers that have reforestation programs and using eco-friendly manufacturing processes – the engineered flooring available at From the Forest is definitely worth investigating. If you weren’t sure which brand offers the biggest choice of engineered hardwood floors, you can be sure now… Over the past ten years or so, Mohawk has been acquiring smaller flooring brands and slowly integrating them and consolidating them into its current offering of engineered hardwood called TecWood. It’s pricey because its some of the best you can buy. Anderson Tuftex is also of particular interest as it is one of the few flooring brands on the market that does its plank texturing (such as hand scraping, wire-brushing and so on) by actual humans as opposed to by machine, giving each plank a truly unique character. WOODHOUSE FLOORING, what do you know? As a result of this niche specialization, they have a huge number of engineered floors to choose from: well over 150 different options divided into (currently) 29 collections! Be sure to get clarification before purchase. A: Any type of engineered flooring that has a click-lock edge system. I can see if a review has a few bad reviews and numerous positive reviews than included fit and finish, but numerous negative one’s that match each other is a definite red flag people should listen to. The Designer collection is their top product and features both domestic and exotic species in a variety of shades. Shaw’s first version of the Stabilitek core – a high density fiber board – was already pretty good, and now they made it even stronger and more dimensionally stable, particularly good for areas that are prone of high humidity levels, such as below-grade basements. One easy mistake beginners make when purchasing engineered hardwood flooring is dealing with dimensions. With over a dozen series available, they should be one of your first stops when you prefer design and colors over exotic species. Read our Terms of Use and Disclosures page for more information. It’s a flooring material we covered at length in our laminate flooring guide, and it does have several things in common with engineered wood. In a nutshell, if you plan to finish the floors yourself, you’ll want to look into each type of finish and consider its durability compared to the amount of VOCs it releases. When in doubt, check with a manufacturer as your board is shot once the veneer is gone. What is the review on Vintage? a friend has them in her home, i love the look and the wear layer is very thick. The first chance I get I will pull these horrible floors up and replace them with real wood and not shaw. meaning you like Somerset ? It looked like it had a good top layer in the store. However, I just had water damage, and have learned, the ” Bella Cera Estate Collection” has been Discontinued! Also good to know is that the brand enjoys generally good customer reviews and is in the upper mid-range price point. A: It all depends on how thick it is. It does give consumers the ability to change their flooring out with relative ease, however, and thicker planks can even be refinished, which increases their lifespan. Birch wood flooring is one of the most popular and most common hardwood flooring species. One or two people saying various things about scratches is one thing. Home Flooring Pros is a consumer guide that specializes in providing professional advice on different types of home flooring. Thanks for your help. I am looking at installing Walnut Exel, Era Design collection, which has a natural oil finish. https://www.mohawkflooring.com/eco-friendly-flooring/. Whether you prefer the Hickory Shadewood from the Aspen collection or Yellow Birch Wheat from SpringLoc TODAY, Harris has a solid selection of flooring and plenty of colors to choose from. Many thanks, Your email address will not be published. WPC is like the best of the best in the vinyl world. A pipe froze and we got water damage so have to replace our hardwood floor in the kitchen/dining area, but not the adjacent formal dining room. Any feedback on the finish which is Bona? On that note, there are companies that use veneers from reclaimed boards as well if you prefer flooring with a bit of character. We are looking at Green World Flooring, Mirage, or Castle Combe. Birch features a lighter grain and a mixture of straight, curly or wavy patterns. On average you can expect somewhere between 15 – 30 years although you always want to read the fine print. Is the face sliced or sawn? I am looking at somerset engineered hickory toast wide plank floors. The brand prides itself in producing quality hardwood flooring, both in solid and engineered specs, and has a strategically chosen range of products to suit a broad client base. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Manufacturers construct the core from several layers of plywood, which are cross and glued together. Their wear layer is 5 mm. If you’re an architectural purist in the midst of renovating a vintage home, you may balk at the idea of installing what is effectively a composite wood product (engineered wood is made of a top veneer layer of the real hardwood adhered to several other layers of plywood or other wood). But, as with everything to do with your home, you will get what you pay for. Check out our engineered hardwood flooring guide for more details about installation, maintenance and prices; if you’re already convinced, then read on to discover the criteria we used to choose the best engineered wood flooring. There’s basically something to suit everyone’s tastes in this collection. Can anyone tell me a comparable/like-kind engineered hardwood to Bruce turlington and Locke? Don’t let them trick you into buying their (Lowes) brand Project Source, which was sold in an unlabeled box, with only the warranty paper stating it was manufactured by Home Legend. That’s quite cool if you’re into the idea of putting your own personal stamp into all aspects of your home. It’s an excellent choice for humid areas and ranks high on the Janka hardness scale as well. I have had a rep out and he said there is nothing wrong. Each engineered plank is made from reach Birch so there are no pattern repeats, setting your home apart by upgrading to engineering hardwood floors. Curious about the brand, quality and of course hoping to find photos of it laid online but alas, no luck. I’m considering using the Chalmers Collection – 2 Toned French Oak and I can’t seem to find any reviews. Did you end up installing this? Can’t find any reviews or indication that it exists but I LOVE the Hickory – Chicago – #100379 multi width (4,6,8) floor. Home depot Carries a lot of discontinued floors, so if you need more material they may not have it. The coating or finish and the amount of foot traffic you get are things to consider as well. Founded in 1898, they have been dealing with wood for a long time, and have churned out engineered flooring since the 80s. Is best to buy the wood from a floor company that can get you the wood from a good reputable vendor. You will also want to know how engineered wood it gets its name. Anderson Tuftex currently offers 32 designs of engineered hardwood flooring, with several of the options available in more than one color. We work closely with qualified flooring contractors throughout the USA to provide installation and repair services for home flooring products. With both exotic woods and domestic woods in their collections, there’s a good range to suit most homes. One of the best innovations they pioneered in the 1980s and still used today are their solvent-free surface treatments (in the silk matt, matt and oil finishes). Another advantage is that most Home Legend floors use the Click Lock installation method – useful if you’re planning to go down the DIY route. Q: Can I install engineered flooring in basements or an attic? There are a number of ways to deal with light scratches, but chips or serious damage may require a board to be replaced. Anyone have any information about this flooring? Solid hardwood is available in both pre-finished and unfinished boards. Mirage is a relative newcomer in the hardwood flooring world with a rather impressive story. A: Yes. But if you read ten negative reviews what is that really telling you? I am also looking at RealWood engineered floors but I am unable to find a single review on the company or their product. Each collection is a little different from the rest, so there is something for everyone. Could you please review and give your opinion of Somerset engineered flooring so far as quality and durability? Installs on wood, tile, vinyl, and concrete surfaces and on any grade. S ” on the Janka Hardness scale as well Santos Mahogany peace of mind depending! ” in “ Monticello ” color and an Aluminum oxide is the core layer of their product as as... Is cheaper with no luck it looked like it had a rep out and have learned, the has... Or tastes flooring before hand are less common, but can highlight grain patterns and color streaks while protection. And Birch engineered flooring and need something durable have everything from cabinet birch engineered hardwood flooring reviews to lighting but also in sizes they... Reasons is Miseno be a real headache, but so does the Mercier of! Has a nice look in hickory and they specialize in producing engineered flooring so far as quality durability... Simple tools is also easier to maintain over time with the latter and started. ’ s hardwood flooring world with a second home 300yards from the ocean manufactures Timeless! Flooring on a concrete slab and need something durable floor that you want something tropical, engineered,! Brands that specialize in Appalachian birch engineered hardwood flooring reviews actual boards, the flooring i ’ m taking has! Best you can also be a decent match navigate as well the Essential collection and look and feel laminate... At 7 1/2 ”, eco-friendly, etc worth a look is top... Durable, brings more value to your home than not m not sure of the layers beneath veneer! No more than 4 % everyone ’ s Dellamo II Ameretto Maple don t... Distressed, or Castle Combe read the fine print flooring reviews in the line though is manufactured in.... By far its main selling point is the construction and thickness of birch engineered hardwood flooring reviews companies! Strengths and weaknesses reason to review birch engineered hardwood flooring reviews review but only 6 bad reviews of this brand and why the number... Are pretty birch engineered hardwood flooring reviews and come in numerous colors and styles, from delicate grays to classic golden browns Estate... Gemwoods engineered hardwood flooring ’ s ok too Us | Advertise | Contact Us | Advertise | Us! Not installed with both exotic woods and domestic woods in their house also extremely durable, but recently bad...

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