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LG Super Multi Blue BH100 Picture quality is great on both HD DVD and Blu-ray and if this player cost £500 instead of £1,000 we'd recommend it. Watch the latest movies, sports and documentaries with a home theater, portable projector or 4K Blu-ray player from LG. LG 4K projectors, DVD and Blu-ray players give you the power to watch what you want, when you want. Then if you want to see his videos and films on a … From classic films to the latest indie flicks, blockbuster movies to the biggest sports … Some players can be reset to accept different regions but I talked to LG … Whether you love your old DVDs, can't get enough of the hottest … The region code on this DVD player is set for region 4 that is Mexico and South America. LG achieved this optical processing by a revision of the recorded image files and the DVD player just better sets the file size and allows optimal values. North America players should be set for region 1 which makes half of my DVD"s unable to play.

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